Scotiabank Puerto Rico Ways to Bank
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Ways to Bank

Web Payment Service

  • With this service you can make your payments on the Internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even if you do not have a Scotiabank account.
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Mobile Banking

  • Do your personal banking from the convenience of your mobile phone.
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Internet Banking

  • Manage your personal and business finances whenever and wherever you want.
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Telephone Banking

  • Your banking needs are at the reach of your fingertips, with just a phone call from anywhere you desire.
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Scotiabank ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

  • They are a powerful network that offers free access to your money even outside working hours.
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ScotiaCard Master Card Debit

  • ScotiaCard Master Card Debit opens up a whole world of convenience to manage your banking needs.
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