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Scotiabank ATMs

Now, access your deposit, ScotiaLine and
Credit Card accounts with a single card, 
your ScotiaCard MasterCard Debit!

Use your ScotiaCard MasterCard Debit at our ATMs to:

  • Get access to available funds in your ScotiaLine or Credit Cards, anytime you need2
  • Transfer funds between your Scotiabank deposit and credit accounts2
  • Make same-day payments to your Scotiabank credit card or ScotiaLine outstanding balances, so you never miss a due date2
  • Pay bills directly from your ScotiaLine account

Unexpected surprise? No worries, now you can access available funds in your ScotiaLine or credit card at most of our Scotiabank ATMs across Puerto Rico (with the exception of select off-premise ATMs "Cash ATMs").

Find the ATM nearest you

1. Transfers of funds from a credit card are considered "cash advances" and have a charge of 2% of the transaction amount (minimum fee: USD $2.00; maximum fee: USD $10.00). 2. Payments or transfers from a credit account (I.e. Scotialine or Credit Card) to another credit account before 5:00 PM will be available the same business day; otherwise, they will be processed the next business day. Transfers from a credit account to a deposit account will be available immediately.