Scotiabank Puerto Rico ScotiaCard Master Card Debit: handy convenience
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ScotiaCard Master Card Debit: handy convenience

ScotiaCard MasterCard Debit delivers a whole new world of convenience to your banking transactions. Scotiabank's signature card guarantees your banking transactions by telephone, Internet, ATMs and when utilizing direct payment services, among other banking formats.

ScotiaCard MasterCard Debit: handy convenience

Your ScotiaCard MasterCard Debit facilitates a pleasant interaction during your banking transactions.

ScotiaCard MasterCard Debit offers you a multiplicity of uses: manage your daily transactions, monitor your loans, access your balances or simply verify the status of a transaction. Service available 24 hours every day from anyplace.

Whether your status is that of a professional, a business or an individual user, ScotiaCard MasterCard Debit lets you enjoy the integrated benefits of Electronic Banking. Your ScotiaCard MasterCard Debit and Personal Identification Number (PIN) is all you need to enjoy the advantages of Internet Banking, Bank by Phone and use of ATMs.

Ask yourself, why not carry out easy banking transactions at Scotiabank?

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Take advantage of the benefits that the ScotiaCard MasterCard Debit gives you:

  • Worldwide accepted: anywhere that MasterCard is accepted
  • Only one card brings you access to all of your accounts
  • Access to 44,000 automated teller machines around the world
  • Withdraw cash in ATM's without any charges on your transactions in over 40 countries around the world as part of the Global ATM Alliance.
  • Global ATM Alliance Banks Members
  • Allows you to make phone and online purchases
  • Allow you access to over 14 million points of sale around the world