Scotiabank Puerto Rico Corporate Profile
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Corporate Profile

Scotiabank originated in 1832 in the Canadian region of Halifax, Nova Scotia, growing to become one of Canada's leading financial institutions. Considered Canada's most international bank, Scotiabank serves approximately 12 million customers in some 50 countries in America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

The Scotiabank Group and its affiliates comprise over 50,000 employees committed to nurture sound customer relationships in the process of satisfying their particular financial needs.

Scotiabank Group operations are renowned for its customer service program in the areas of personal and commercial banking and for professionals. Our global financial group leads specialized services in international trade including corporate financing, foreign currency exchange and access to one of the world's largest source of funds.


"We have decided to become the region's best financial group, offering unsurpassed quality customer service and providing value-added products at competitive prices through a professional team whose institutional contributions are valued at all levels."


  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Dedication
  • Understanding
  • Optimism

Scotiabank in Puerto Rico

Established in 1910, Scotiabank of Puerto Rico is the oldest international bank on the Island. We feel extremely proud to be the only Canadian bank presently serving Puerto Rico.

Scotiabank of Puerto of Rico has approximately 1,150 employees and 19 bank branches.

In 1975, Scotiabank of Puerto Rico acquired Banco Mercantil and eventually inaugurated its headquarters, Scotiabank Plaza, in Hato Rey's "Golden Mile" sector in 1984.

Scotiabank of Puerto Rico's insurance affiliate, Scotia Insurance de Puerto Rico Inc., was recently established in 2001 to provide complementary financial solutions to our clients. Scotia Mortgage was inaugurated in 2005.

Scotiabank in Central America, South America and the Caribbean

The Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank Group) and its affiliates are considered the leading financial services provider in the entire region, offering a full program of personal and commercial banking services including the professional sector.