Scotiabank Puerto Rico Consolidated Cash Plan (CCP)
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Consolidated Cash Plan (CCP)

Scotiabank’s Consolidated Cash Plan is a deposit reconcilement service. It allows your authorized individuals to make deposits into your account from any Scotiabank branch in the country. Authorized individuals may include:

  • Clients
  • Agents
  • Subsidiaries
  • Other people in your network

The service allows you to easily track your company's deposits, speeding up the reconciliation of your collections.

Your depositing agents will each be issued a unique CCP agent number. Each agent's deposit will be clearly identified in a report that you can review online. You get immediate access to all your deposits and comprehensive reporting to help you run your business effectively.


  • Access online to report that includes information of individual deposits with all detailed transactional information
  • Allows you to easily identify deposits by location
  • Identify deposits by staff member of your company

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