Scotiabank Puerto Rico Bill Payments
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Bill Payments

Scotiabank's Bill Payment Service provides you with timely settlement and accurate reporting of your customers' bill payments. We take care of the processing of funds into your account and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your customer's payments are all cleared funds.

Scotiabank offers its customers many convenient and accessible ways to pay their bills. Whether it's through the branch, ATM, phone, Internet or mobile, bill payments are processed quicker and available into your account faster than if they were received by check.


  • Scotiabank can receive payments through our web site, branches and IVR connection
  • Daily detailed payments reports will be available on-line through our Scotia On-Line for Business
  • File will be transmitted with payments details to update your receivable data base
  • Manage payment acceptance criteria
  • File confirmation Process

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