Scotiabank Puerto Rico Corporate & Commercial Accounts
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Corporate & Commercial Accounts

Learn more about the products and services that best serves your business needs

Money Management Services

  • Scotiabank’s Money Management Services allow you to position your accounts to automatically transfer funds between accounts.
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Checking Account

  • A Scotiabank commercial checking account that eases business operation and managed through online banking.
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Zero ($0) Balance and Target Balance accounts

  • A Zero balance Account (ZBA) is a demand Deposit Account that is maintained at a target balance (usually zero but can be set to any other amount).
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Escrow Account

  • A checking account exclusively designed for real estate brokers to facilitate your business transactions. Transactions are free of service charge as long as you maintain a minimum daily balance of $150.*
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Interest Bearing Accounts

  • With a Scotiabank commercial savings account, you earn interest on your balances while maintaining full access to your funds in your Scotiabank Puerto Rico interest bearing account.
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Regular CD

  • Obtain a higher yield in your funds with our Certificate of Deposits.
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