Scotiabank Puerto Rico CD Check Imaging
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CD Check Imaging

Scotiabank check imaging provides you with all paid checks images in a CD Rom, on a monthly basis to facilitate access to this information.


  • Access to your paid and deposited checks and deposit slips images (front and back)
  • Access check information by account, check number, amount, type, date or sequence
  • Facilitates your account reconciliation process
  • Reduce storage cost

Check Reconciliation

Scotiabank's Check Reconciliation services give you fast, accurate information regarding checks cleared through your Scotiabank accounts.

You can match checks cleared through your Scotiabank business account against your issued check file. We will automatically compare your electronic file of issued check data to Scotiabank's paid check files. We provide you with detailed reports on checks paid, checks outstanding, and checks with exceptions (such as unmatched amounts), so you can easily detect discrepancies in payment information.

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