Scotiabank Puerto Rico Trade Financing
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International business transactions can carry complications aside from frustrations- let alone additional risks. Scotiabank's international trade specialists can add peace of mind and speed to your transactions by moulding a trouble-free environment.

For over a century Scotiabank has been a key player in international trade.We have representatives globally and more than 3,000 bank branches and affiliates in Canada and all over the world. 

Scotiabank offers a large variety of specialized international trade services, including corporate financing, currency exchange and access to one the world's largest source of funds.

Scotiabank services your needs through an experienced international team supported by designated personnel in each local market. Our knowledge and presence in local markets allow us to remove obstacles that could delay your international transactions. We can provide easy and efficient access to global markets.


An inherent risk to importers is securing purchase orders that have been pre-paid. Scotiabank can provide you a letter of credit levelling your transactional expectations- the supplier gets a payment guarantee while delivery of goods and payment date can be planned to meet your inventory and cash flow requirements.


Exporters' main risk is non-payment on previously shipped products. Scotiabank can limit your risks by securing your payment from foreign buyers and facilitating sales. We can perform traditional services for you like letters of credit and documented collections. Our specialized international trade team goes beyond analyzing financing trends to sharing with you new developments and services taking place in global finances.

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