Scotiabank Puerto Rico Employee Benefits
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Employee Benefits

Stimulate and protect those responsible for your business' day-to-day success.

Universal Group Health Plan
You can extend health benefits to your employees in case they are overcome by illness or an accident. An adequate plan can cover health care expenses related to physician, hospital, surgery and dental services.

Universal Life Group Policy
A cost-effective approach providing individual employee coverage without a need to provide medical proof.

Long Term Disability
Our Long Term Disability coverage can protect your employees against loss of income due to illness or an accident.

Volunteer Programs
We offer Supplemental Programs that allow you to expand employee benefits without additional costs to your business. Your employees can directly select optional insurance features based on their needs and budget limitations.

Personal and Physical Property Damage
Protects your buildings, inventory, office equipment and other personal assets. Coverage includes earthquake, wind storm, theft, fire and machinery breakdown.

Business Interruption
You can protect against financial losses due to business interruption (net income in many instances) arising from damages caused to an insured property.

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