Scotiabank Puerto Rico Non-Traditional Coverage
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Non-Traditional Coverage

Directors and Officers (D&O)
Offers protection against lawsuits claiming fiduciary mis-management by a member of a board of directors either of a private corporation or a non-profit organization.

Fidelity Policy
Allows you to protect your business against illegal acts originated by employees or other third party individuals (customers, thiefts, etc.). Its main feature is the Employee Dishonesty coverage which insures you against the delinquent behaviour by any of your employees.

Labor Practice Risks
Protects your business assets against lawsuits claiming errors and omissions in the course of management of human resources. Some of the most common claims include: sexual harassment and non-justified lay-offs covered either under local or federal limitations suchas ADEA and Law 80.

Fiduciary Responsability
Provides business coverage against lawsuits based on errors and omissions in your role as Umbrella Organization or Manager of your employees pension and benefits program.

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