Scotiabank Puerto Rico Lines of Credit
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Lines of Credit

ScotiaLine and ScotiaLine Gold1 are lines of credit that provide the flexibility of having access to your approved and available credit limit when you need it. With your line of credit, you are able to undertake home improvements, travel, or use it as back-up for unexpected expenses. With ScotiaLine and ScotiaLine Gold you get:

  • Flexible access to your money: You receive an exclusive checkbook that provides you access to your line of credit when you need it. With ScotiaLine Gold, you also get a Gold MasterCard for even yet more convenient access to your funds
  • Overdraft coverage of your Scotiabank checking account: You can use your ScotiaLine or ScotiaLine Gold as a reserve line of your checking account with Scotiabank to cover any overdrafts in your account2
  • Flexible monthly payments: You can make the minimum payment required on a monthly basis or pay a higher amount; you decide

To view Scotiabank Credit Lines Agreements and Disclosures:

ScotiaLine Gold (Cash Secured or Equivalent)
ScotiaLine Gold (Unsecured)
ScotiaLine (Cash Secured)
ScotiaLine (Unsecured)
ScotiaLine Gold Line of Credit Rates and Fees Disclosure
ScotiaLine Line of Credit Rates and Fees Disclosure

1. Subject to credit approval. Other terms and conditions apply. For individuals only. Refer to the Lines of Credit disclosure table.    2. ScotiaLine Gold will automatically cover overdrafts in your checking account processed at the end of the day, such as drawn checks and direct debits. It does not cover real time transactions, such as ATM withdrawals and POS purchases. To access your credit limit in real time with your ScotiaLine or ScotiaLine Gold, you may use your ScotiaCard MasterCard Debit Card in Scotiabank ATMs. For ScotiaLine Gold you may also use your ScotiaLine Gold MasterCard to access your limit in ATMS and points of sale.      ® MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard Incorporated.

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